B.G.T. Lakeview’s Food For The Best Food In Malaysia

Diversity is usually the spice for life. Nothing captures this concept as well as the fusion restaurants. The fact that you can go to a restaurant and take your favorite meal while your friends, kids or partner have theirs is what makes fusion restaurant such a hit the world over. In simple terms, there is something for everyone in fusion restaurants.

In keeping up with this trend, Kuala Lumpur has seen the sprouting of a multitude of fusion restaurants. In an effort to capitalize on this new fad, many players in the eatery business have taken to opening fusion restaurants. This is not to say that the quality of food is consistently of high-quality.

In many regards, finding the perfect fusion restaurant where money spent is worth it can be difficult, especially if you have no clue where to start looking. This is where B.G.T Lakeview comes in, offering the best dinner in Petaling Jaya. It is among the few elite fusion restaurants in Kuala Lumpur with delightful and tantalizing offerings for you to sample.

Characteristics Of Food In B.G.T Lakeview

The food offered at B.G.T Lakeview restaurant is a fusion of Italian and Asian foods. To make the experience of dining at this restaurant a delight, innovation is added to preparing the dishes which brings out the best in the every delicacy, right from spaghetti carbonara to spaghetti Bolognese. The resultant taste is rich and unique to this restaurant.

The Menu Sample


One of the special dishes cooked in this restaurant is the Spaghetti Aglio Olio. This dish has been so popular among the restaurant’s regular that it has amassed a reputation for being the most ordered dish. As a best seller, the food is worth every penny spent. The flavor, smell, and taste are straight out of heaven, especially when topped with seafood.

Speaking of seafood, the variety of seafood sitting for this particular spaghetti is tremendous. However, one element remains the richness of flavor among all the sitting. A combination of prawns, squids and mussels are very popular and greatly loved by customers. This dish is prepared using garlic and chili, all the while taking caution to ensure that seafood’s flavor is not drowned in all the spices.

If you cannot get enough of this dish, you are in good luck as they serve it as part of their all-you-can-eat lunch.


A mention of an Italian menu always features pizza. For an even more authentic Italian pizza, B.G.T Lakeview uses wood fire oven to make their pizza. This is a big contrast to what many other fusion restaurants are using (mechanical ovens). The resultant effect of baking pizza using wood is an undeniably pleasurable taste that leaves you wanting more. The fruity taste with a hint of wood smoke creates a unique taste that is unique to B.G.T Lakeview.

If you are a pizza connoisseur, this pizza will be a treat to remember.

B.G.T Lakeview Setting

A good restaurant is not only characterized by the type of food that they serve. The environment in which the food is served in does matter a great deal. In B.G.T Lakeview, the restaurant is set right next to a very beautiful scenery in the form of lakes. The restaurant, therefore, emerges as the best place to have lunch, dinner or your events. The large function room has the capacity to cater the needs for birthdays, weddings, meeting and other functions. If you are looking for quality food and a serene environment, make B.G.T Lakeview your first choice.

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